Organized memories become stories.

We are always recording thoughts and emotions. Whether it is a reminiscent photo, an idea sketch, or an amazing song, these moments come together to make our life more precious.

Our lives are filled with beautiful moments, but unfortunately you will find that most of them are lost over time. However shining a moment might be, on their own they are just waiting there to be dimmed and erased by our busy lives. What they need is a little thought and care put into them so they can become a lasting story.

We believe in the power of a story. In everyone’s photo album, note book, and even drawers there are plenty of beautiful moments that could enrich our lives. We would hate to see them sleeping somewhere nobody cares. We want to help these little pieces come together and be remembered.


Over the past few years, we have strived to realize our values and to grow as a team.
TIDY is still evolving this very moment.


FREENOMIX was formed by three engineers in charge of NAVER Blog in order to create a different community experience.
TOWNTING and TOWNTALK were developed based on location information to help people communicate with each other.


Our efforts became concentrated on mobile experience.
Photo utility apps such as MyPhoto, BasicCamera, ColorManager and entertainment apps such as Uface, Pictory, and ToonFace are some examples.
We were also in charge of developing HAPPYBEAN portal, from the Happybean Foundation which was a social contribution platform started by NHN.

2014 TIDY INC.

Based on our past experience and productive drive, we have set our course for the future.
TIDY - Photo Album is our first step in this direction. We value life and their amazing moments, and wish our users could enjoy the experience.
We work hard to create a better experience.


TIDY is founded on great ideas from a variety of different people.
Please contact if you would like to take part.