mobile| Photo & Video| 2013.11.26

Get tidy, Find memories. ...


mobile| Photo & Video| 2013.07.16

Organize your photos like a pro! No more mess with your photos. Organize your photos to albums quickly & easily. ...


mobile| Photo & Video| 2013.07.11

Make you own magazine cover with CoverLab with just few taps! ...


mobile| Social Networking| 2013.05.30

With one touch, you can make professionally sketched faces just like professional illustrator's work!   Uface is the easiest face picture making tool for everyone. By just moving your finger, you can create any faces you want. Unique face and funny look made by various items will satisfy you. Suprise your friends with a 'hand-drawing' style pictures.   You can upload pic into Twitter or Facebook right after you make it. You can have a...


mobile| Photo & Video| 2012.09.30

  Each album in Pixmos is a photo community space that all users can make together. Sharing in Pixmos means not only just viewing but also uploading to the joining album together with all joiners.   You can check the user's all albums, photo list and status. When adding a new album, you can set up two options, private album and no-upload.   Join the album you selected ...


mobile| Photo & Video| 2012.07.13

Use Pictory to make a special story with your photo! Add exciting items on your photo with various stickers, text and favorite effects. Make your photo more fun, meaningful and dramatic.   Pictory updates with completely new interface, better photo quality, and more. With 2 years of experience, we redesigned Pictory that completely overhauled the user interface to make it look and feel more useful. Now, let's look at this and find out more about it. &nb...

ColorManager Cam

mobile| Photo & Video| 2011.10.10

Have you seen the world with only one color? As converting selected color to black and white, you can make your movie like music video or commercial film quickly and easily. You don't need to wait any converting or saving because ColorManager Cam supports real-time filtering. You can take and see the effect at the same time. Let's try it now!   How to use You can learn how to use Colo...

Color Manager

mobile| Photo & Video| 2011.08.29

You can change your photo's colors as much as you want with ColorManager. As converting selected color to black and white, you can make your photo look cool like movie poster. There is two editing modes for changing colors. Color Slider Mode There is 6 color sliders such as red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta. Just move a color slider you want, it will change from original color to black and white. Don't worry about complex form or a lot of number. It applies to...

Toonface Maker

mobile| Social Networking| 2011.02.28

  Did you get awfully tired of obvious avatar maker? Or do you wanna make more natural and realistic character? If so, use 'Toonface Maker'! Do you think we can make natural half-side view caricature with just application? It's possible. Use 'Toon Face Maker'! And it's also easy with about 500 items made by professional illustrator. Just move your finger. Then you can create caricatures that look like real hand-drawn image.   'Toonface ...