With one touch, you can make professionally sketched faces
just like professional illustrator's work!

How can you make your photo awesome easily and fast?
Using BasicCamera, take a photo, apply filter effect and share it immediately.


The easiest camera to use

If you have any problem selecting useful filters among too many camera apps,
Basic Camera can solve your problem clearly.
With a handpicked various filters, your photo look comes in a variety of colors and impressions. So you don't have to worry about anything.
Just take a picture and select a filter. That's all.


Real time preview thumbnail

You can check the result of filtering by preview-thumbnails without touch. Select any filter you want.
And filters are applied quickly and easily by just select.


About filter effects

Basic Camera has 20 filters and it will be updated consistently.
Our filters have numbers without names because
we want you see and feel exactly what it is.
Feel the various filter effects now.


Share anywhere

You can send filtered-photo to anywhere right by 'export' button.
You can share the image not only to Photo albums, contacts or email,
but also twitter or facebook. Share you own photo with your friends.
It's so easy. there's no need to explain further.
Try it now.


Support iPhone 5 4"Retina display and iOS 6
Support Universal device
iOS multitasking support
Simple and Easy Interface

Various filters as natural as analog film
Upload to Twitter and Twitpic with message
Upload to Facebook with message
Send to the Photo album, a contact, or an email from gallery







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