With one touch, you can make professionally sketched faces
just like professional illustrator's work!

control your color on Video

Have you seen the world with only one color?
As converting selected color to black and white,
you can make your movie like music video
or commercial film quickly and easily.

You don't need to wait any converting or saving
because ColorManager Cam supports real-time filtering.
You can take and see the effect at the same time.

Let's try it now!


Recording mode

How to use
You can learn how to use Color Manager Cam by this button.
Color Equalizer
Control your color to slide color switches.
Record,Stop / Canture Button
Start record or stop it. If you wanna take a picture, press capture button.
Change camera iPhone4/4s/iPod 4G only
Change camera to front or rear. (diable while recording)
Flash on/off iPhone4/4s/iPod 4G only
Turn on/off flash. (rear camera only)
Microphone on/off
Turn on/off microphone. (diable while recording)
Go to gallery and send your film to photo album, email or YouTube.
Move all switches
Move all switches to color or gray.



iPhone 4 Retina display support
iOS multitasking support
Simple and Easy Interface
Real time color effect with 6 color sliders
Record movies with color control in real time

Photo capture available
Flash on/off capability
MIC on/off capability
Save movies to Camera Roll, email
Share your own movie to YouTube from gallery