With one touch, you can make professionally sketched faces
just like professional illustrator's work!

control your color

You can change your photo's colors as much as you want with ColorManager.
As converting selected color to black and white,
you can make your photo look cool like movie poster.
There is two editing modes for changing colors.

Color Slider Mode

There is 6 color sliders such as red, yellow, green, cyan, blue,
magenta. Just move a color slider you want, it will change from
original color to black and white.
Don't worry about complex form or a lot of number.
It applies to every color in your photo.

Mask Mode

If the result of color slider don't satisfy you, use a mask eraser.
It can erase needless color area manually.
Mask is expressed red color at first.
You can hide mask area by mask on/off button.
If you mistake a stroke, press reset button to initialize it.
Zoom ability helps you draw more detail.

color slider mode

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How to use
You can learn how to use Color Manager by this button.
Initialize image
After deleting image in process, go to initial screen.
Color Equalizer(Slider)
Control your color to slide color switches.
Take a new photo or bring existing photo from photo album.
Move all switches
Move all swiches to color or gray
Next step (Mask mode)
Go to mask mode that can control colors manually.

Mask mode

Eraser / Pencil
You can remove needless area by eraser. Or draw it again in pencil, too.
Initialize mask
If you like the result, fill all mask area for the first time by this button.
Show/Hide mask
It can show mask area painted in translucent red color of hide it.
Previous Step (Color slider mode)
Go to color slider mode
Save the result to photo album.


iPhone 4 Retina display support
iOS multitasking support
Simple and Easy Interface
Real time color effect with 6 color sliders
Color mask capability

Mask on/off capability
Mask reset ability
Zoom ability in mask mode
Resolution : 1200px @iPod touch, 1800px @iPhone3G/3Gs, 2600px @iPhone4/4S
Send a result to Photo album directly