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Operating Korea's first online donation portal

Happybean, which is operated jointly by NHN and the Happybean Foundation, is Korea's first online donation portal and acts as a bridge
between Internet users who wishes to participate in donation activities and organizations in need of help.
By closely connecting NHN's numerous Internet services with donation activities, Happybean provides Internet users with an opportunity to
make donations while participating in volunteer work.

Creating a healthy donation culture in Korea

Happybean provides information on more than 3,500 civil and welfare
organizations and operates Happy Logs, blogs that post information on
on-going Internet fund raisers and organization activities.
Users can easily make donations to organizations that operated Happy Logs
by donating Happybean Beans, which they can acquire
by using NHN's services or recharge.

Over 4.6 million users have made donations with Happybean Beans.
Organizations that receive donations discloses the donation amount to donators,
which makes the transparent operation of donations possible.

With covworks

Covworks is responsible for developing the entire site and sustaining
all servises in partnership with Happybean foundation.
With several years' worth of know-how as our background,
we hope to continue developing Happybean while maintaining all services stable.

works of covworks

  • New service development for Happybean
  • Maintenance and reorganization of Happybean website
  • Enhancement of the Functionality of Happybean website
  • Happybean website event development
  • Operation management for Happybean
  • Data management of Happybean
  • Statistics management of Happybean
  • Technical support for Happybean services